Xbox One本体用コンローラー用ステッカー デカール 保護スキンシール スキンシール カバー Protective Vinyl Decal Skin Sticker Cover( デューティゴーストのコール)

This is a Personalized sticker, with self-adhesive. Not a film
Easy Install and Removal. Leaves Behind No Sticky Residue.
Stylish and colorful design, PS skin sticker is flexible and adhesive, it can be stick on the surface compactly.
Slim matte material, perfect fit, personality

Instruction Manuals:
1. Take out For Xbox one skin sticker out from the packing and confirm the skin sticker without defect.
2. Clear your device with soft cloth and ensure there are no dust on the surface of the console.
3. Peel off the skin from the paper sheet and stick it on your device.

Package Includes:
1 set Stickers ( 1 Console + 2 Controllers Sticker Skin )
( without original package )
XBOX ONE専用 スキンシール
xbox one 本体は含まれていません